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Quote originally posted by Elite Overlord LeSabre™:
Let's see...

I used to think that "broken heart" and "heart attack" were one and the same, namely, I thought both pertained to cardiac arrest. Likewise with "passed out" and "passed away." When some of my classmates fainted due to heat exhaustion and the teacher said they passed out, I thought they were taking things calmly considering someone just died, lol.

And related to Pokemon, I thought that the NPC in the Pokemon League in Blue who said, "If you lose [to the Elite Four], you have to start all over again!" meant that if I lost I would have to start the game all over again from Pallet Town xD
wow, lol. I think if that were true and you did have to restart from Pallet town Id have given up on Pokemon. Ive never gotten terms like that confused or at least I dont remember.
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