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高本 てんし



Held Items:

Chapter One:
An Island Smash!

Part One

Walking along the island, he found no signs of other life, though... Something told him that there were indeed people here. Was he psychic now? He couldn't tell if it was simply his own intuition or indeed the effects of being a PSI-being that told him so. It was then that he saw a single Koopa Troopa running at him with... A rather awkward look of determination. Tenshi almost felt sorry for it; the only thing weaker than a Koopa Troopa was-- "Well, I'll be damned..." from the forest nearby came an army of Goombas, also sporting an eagerness to battle. Tenshi turned his attention back to the Koopa. "Well, this is just too easy." Tenshi half-lazily bonked the Koopa on the head, and it hid inside its shell. He then picked up the shell, and played "Bowling for Goombas." He tossed the shell and cleared about a third of the group in a straight line.

Well, sure, anyone could have thought of that trick; Tenshi liked to plan his moves a cut above the rest. The shell ricocheted off of a tree at the forest's edge, then a nearby rock, on the beach, returning to clobber another large portion of the group before sailing away into the ocean. Tenshi grinned; it was like playing a real-life game of Smash Brothers! "P.K. ..." Tenshi started, his grin widening. The goombas, after this onslaught, began a retreat back into the forest. "Freeze!" tenshi cast an icy energy blast forward, exploding - and freezing - a few Goombas who were just not quick enough. He walked to the nearest one, pulling the stick out of his bag and flinging the frozen mushroom-esque baddie clear into the sky as if it were a baseball.

"Now, if my intelligence serves me correctly, then we are actually playing a real life game of Smash Brothers. And if that is the case, then an item should be spawning here right about..." *plop plop* Tenshi turned to see that an item did in fact fall from the sky. It was, of all things, a Fan. He picked it up with haste, examining it thoroughly. "I wonder if this is as overpowered as it is in the games..." He began swinging it repeatedly, and sure enough, it was fast. Very fast. Inhumanly fast. "I'd hate to be caught in this thing... I should hold onto it. Maybe I can throw it at someone to test it further." He chuckled to himself and continued along the beach, the fan tucked away into his bag. "Thank you, Game Master!"

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