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Originally Posted by xxcandyvioletxx View Post
Hi all,
I really need help...
I was changing around tiles in the house that connects Route 2 to Viridian forest, and something went wrong.
First of all, for some reason in the left panel where it displays the maps, under Route 2 it replaced all of the maps with the house map that connects it. They are all the same now, and I can't find out how to fix it so that the other maps will show up again.

The second problem is, I can't get out of the house, because I saved the game on accident where the house is, and now my player is stuck, because for some reason, even after changing the movements to C where they should be, my player still can't get out of either door in the house.

Would there happen to be any way to restore all of Route 2 to it's default settings? I tried searching on google but I couldn't find any help for it.

1. Not 100% sure what caused that, could be something to do with the headers (details on each process you did would be helpful, but you may need to start again regardless)

2. You need to start your save again, as any change you do only applies if you leave the building and go back in, or at least get that bit off screen, which you can't. This is why you shouldn't save in the area you are changing.

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