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First update on my Blaziken/Beautifly challenge.

- Began the game with a girl named May.
- Beat wild Zigzagoon easily with Torchic, and later named her Chicky.
- Crushed Brendan for the first time with Chicky.
- Caught a wild Wurmple named Doom Bug.
- Doom Bug evolved in Silcoon.
- Caught a Zigzagoon as HM slave and named her Enslaved!.
- Doom Bug evolved in Beautifly.
- Chicky evolved in Combusken.
- Easily beaten Roxanne; Doom Bug beated both Geodude, Chicky beated Nosepass.
- Defeated Brendan a second time, using only Doom Bug to defeat Slugma and Mudkip.
- Crushed Brawly; Chicky beated Machop, and then Doom Bug crushed Meditite and Makuhita.
- Caught a Ralts for Flash and named him Wally.
- Met up with Steven.
- Met up with Capt. Stern and saw Team Aqua Leader Archie for the first time.
- Defeated Brendan a third time, crushing first Lombre with Doom Bug, then defeating Slugma with Chicky, and then sent Doom Bug back in to defeat Marshtomp.

That's where I'm now.
I defeated all trainers before battling third time Brendan.
Also, you forgot to put me with the challengers, thenickel09.


Chicky (female sassy Combusken) lv. 22
Stats: 60/48/32/46/37/27
Moveset: Rock Tomb/Peck/Double Kick/Ember

Doom Bug (male hasty Beautifly) lv. 22
Stats: 64/41/28/44/33/38
Moveset: Tackle/Morning Sun/Thief/Gust

HM Slaves:

Enslaved! (female adamant Zigzagoon) lv. 3
Stats: 15/6/8/6/7/9
Moveset: Tackle/Growl/Cut

Wally (male bold Ralts) lv. 4
Stats: 17/6/8/9/8/9
Moveset: Growl/Flash
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