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Quote originally posted by Sydian:
Guys, did you miss this post?

The only reason you should be asking for a Pokemon to be switched is if you can't get it in your game. Just because you don't like having two of the same types or weak Pokemon doesn't mean you get to swap it out. I've gotten stuck with plenty of crappy Pokemon in many different challenges, and it's not impossible. When you sign up for this challenge, you need to bear in mind that you will likely end up with something you don't like or something weak. You have a chance to help yourself by signing up and saying you don't want two of the same types, but if you don't mention that, then too bad. It's getting annoying seeing this "re roll" stuff and I don't think WeightyWillBill was hard enough on y'all personally, since you guys ignored his post like that.

tl;dr Play with what you get, guys. It's not the end of the world.
I think the only time you should be allowed to change pokemon is if you ask for six and don't get a water type.

Also I think I will have my second run of Fire Red finished soon, I am on the 8th gym and the run up to the Elite Four is easy! I should be ready to have my name on the champions list 3 times! :D