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Kilik Chambers - Between PTA & Oak Town

The battle started off with Valorie sending Flygon out, with Mark sending out a Porygon. Porygon always seemed to be a strange Pokemon to Kilik. It was a Pokemon created by human, correct? Wait, what the heck is Kilik thinking right now? He must focus on the battle he was spectating! It was an awesome battle, paying attention how Valorie & Mark battled. This was helping Kilik very much.

The battle seemed to last long, until the victor was decided. Mark won the battle with some luck from Flygon's confusion. If it hadn't been for Porygon's Signal Beam's added effect, Valorie might've won. It was truly a remarkable battle; however, Valorie didn't take it lightly. She seemed upset. Kilik could read it easily on her face, whether she hid it or not. She got on her Dragonite & flew off, leaving her parents, Mark & Kilik behind. Their goes Kiyoko too. Weren't they going to get some drinks? It seemed the plan has taken a detour. Valorie was upset. Where was the fun in that? Kilik didn't want to waste his time battling a crybaby, no offense Valorie but he still wanted to help Valorie.

Tentou walked over to Kilik as he eyed Mark. Kilik petted him on the head as he watched Mark, then Valorie's parents. "Uh, you don't suppose that you know where she might've went, do you?" he asked concernedly to Mark. He & Valorie were more acquainted with each other than Kilik & Valorie, so he should have some clue where Valorie went.

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