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Kamui "Pit" - 0%
Location: Desert

Apparently, Kamui had been paying too much attention to his real bow that he didn't see where he was going in the forest, stumbling upon a flat desert. Well, not flat. Just plain dull. There was too much open space to run around, nothing above that could hit someone in the head when they jumped. It was a land & the sky.

A perfect place to train.

Kamui knew that Pit couldn't really fly; however, Pit in the game had the Wings of Pegasus to make up for that. He knew that that he could glide as well. Anyway, the Wings of Pegasus could only let Pit fly for a few seconds in the SSBB game. It would help in some way for Kamui. Enough on dwelling about the flaws. Training starts now!

"Oh boy oh boy oh boy!" Kamui sure was excited. He split his bow into dual blades & started slashing around, just like Pit. Perhaps he was just playing around. Just as he attached the dual blades back as bow, he heard some strange shuffling. He turned & witnessed some killer cactuses shuffling towards him. "They should be good targets," Kamui announced. As one got closer, Kamui readied his bow. He launched Palutena's Arrow at the killer cactus, implanting some damage. He ran towards the cactus & spun his bow vertically, slashing the cactus multiple times; the Angel Ring. He then proceeded to Side Smash, as he called it. He slashed weakly at the cactus, then followed immediately by a very strong slash. The cactus flew right out of there. "Who's next?" Kamui smirked. The cactuses freaked out & tried to shuffle away, but Kamui knocked them out easily. It was sitch.

"That was so awesome! What else is here?" Kamui really was a kid inside, despite his age. This desert was perfect for him. He still needed to eat though. Maybe later he could go to the forest & find some food. With that in mind, Kamui ran off in the desert, searching for anymore enemies.

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