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I am not going to jump to conclusions since we don't have anything completely solid it would seem. But if this is indeed foreshadowing of a new Eeveelution which means 6th gen is on the way then I am very excited about this. A lot of Eevee promos have been going on as of late such as Virgil Eeveelution team in the anime and the Pikachu and Eevee short in Movie 16. Movies have had a history of showcasing new pokemon before their gens in the past i.e. Donphan, Lugia, Slowking, Munchlax,Zorua & Zoroark, etc. As for a typing I'd like Flying, then they can give it to a Flying type Elite Four member since there has never been one. If this is an Eeveelution it seems odd that another part of a pair is not introduced since the last four were in pairs.

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