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Quote originally posted by Supervegeta:
Lol, I'm not quite sure anyone would actually like Marcus. I mean, if one does that's fine I suppose, but the intention is not for him to be a likeable character. Rather, I see him more as a necessary character, someone who's supposed to be part of the story, mostly for his morals and ideals, which sort of adheres to the general structure of La Famiglia in general. So I sort of see Marcus as someone who would most likely be as equally respected as he is despised. At least that's just me.

And then you have Flint in contrast who has no morals......

Quote originally posted by Retro Bug:
But let's not forget about Ari's personality and position. She's Head of Intelligence, which means she respects those who are, well, intelligent and she knows Aerous is not. She values brains over brawn. This doesn't mean she cannot respect his strength (because she does) it means she won't openly or directly show it to him and if she does it'll be in a sarcastic/mockingly way. I said this before but showing him would mean she cared about him and caring, to her, is weakness.

She'll give Aerous a lot more respect than she would say Tobi, Annabelle, or Xoxaa. Ari's vindictive towards everyone it's just her thing. Plus, she's protective over Camellia since that's her right hand gal pal and she doesn't want Camellia distracted by flirtatious guys.

Everyone's a hater! :P That's okay Ari's not too fond of newbies. Her shyness will drive Ari crazy because she likes it when people are blunt and take charge like her.

I think it'll be fun to have Ari have a little crush on Marcus even if he won't return any of her so-called affection. She might just ask him to dance at the ball.

You just gave me the idea to have Camellia try and set up Ari x Marcus, won't hear the end of it now! Hahahahaha

Quote originally posted by CarefulWetPaint:
But lets not forget he is one of the strongest members of the family so she should at least show him a little respect. *Cries for Aerous idiocy* Just cause he dumb dun mean he should be picked on :P

I can definitely see Camellia having a thing for Aerous, yet act in a "I'm going to hit on you, but nothings going to come from it" sort of way. Pretty much leading him on, yet not at the same time.

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