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Dante FareFyre, Floor 6, Level 25

"Heh, that was impressive, maybe you're stronger than I gave you credit for. Thanks for the help, I'll start gathering the ore now whilst you heal up. Told you they were tough!” Rapp smirked triumphantly while saying this, slightly annoying Dante.
If you didn't get in the.. Sighing Dante smiled back and replied modestly, thanking Rapp for the praise.
Rapp, thanked Dante again for helping get the ore and asked him to meet him at his shop on the 8th floor. Saying thanks again he sent Dante a friends request and teleported off. I think I'll accept this after I see what his blacksmithing skill is like. After looking around the room he had just fought in Dante activated his teleportation crystal as well. Appearing at the 8th floor teleportation portal he made his way to a nearby tree to lean against.

While leaning against the tree Dante swiped at the air to open up his menu. Hitting the compose a new message button, he began his message.

To: Sona
Subject: Job done.
I just finished that escort job beautiful, just getting my payment now. I'm on the 8th floor so I'll come find you after I'm finished with Rapp. I'll see you soon gorgeous.

Well, know I've notified her I can finish this job up. Dante thought as he lazily pushed himself off the tree and began in the direction of Rapp's shop. After a short walk he found himself standing in front of a shop that had red maple trees on either side of the shop. A sing saying “Raposa” was hung above the door. Yes, this must definitely be it. Pushing open the door with ease he was greeted by a happy Rapp. His attitude towards me has changed for the better. Dante thought smiling as he replied with a hello and yes.

"Just tell me what you'd like and I'll craft it for you. This ore's some pretty impressive stuff so don't hold back on me, I've been looking for a challenge! I've got plenty of other materials too, so be as specific as you'd like." Rapp said excited, smiling at Dante like he was challenging him.
“Okay then, I want a sword that will last until at least floor 20, and still be a high level sword by then. Also if it does large amounts of damage it'd appreciate it. I'd also like if it had fairly high attack speed, higher than this sword if possible.” Dante was laying down the specs of what he wanted for his new sword with no hesitation as he took out his current sword and handed it to Rapp. “Oh and it must be one handed and light! If you could do all that I would really appreciate it!” Looking rather excited Dante finished his sentence to see Rapp's eyes light up, the look on his face saying “Challenge, Accepted.”
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