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Quote originally posted by Rococo:
*Last topic >)' ')>
Hum...A Vampyre! A vampyric adventurer! :D

*Current topic >)' ')>
Right then! Time to do some show rewatching/writing!
Wow,that's kinda disturbing....I was holding a pen when I read that. ↑ xD
lol next time, don't hold pens. Haha.

Quote originally posted by gunnerpow7:
Oh my glob! That css is soo lumpin' awesome... Gotta call Mellissa about this thang! :3

But LSP impressions aside, I'm soo ready for this!
Thanks, Gunner! CSS is a pain in the lump.
Also, I've added a few more things you should know about. Just to make things clear, 'ya know? Check out the 'Submission Deadline' and 'Rules' area to see the newly added info.
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