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Quote originally posted by johnny18:
Well, Some RNG abusers have said before, RNG in gen III may take hours and days just to get one pokemon but it is worth as some pokemon can only have a certain move in gen III like ST Chansey . Keep trying, I know you will get it. And sorry for not posting the link, i guess I was so sleepy that I forget to post it but there it is
Thanks for the link, that is acctually very helpful looking! I was thinking you meant the guides on the main Smogon site for RNG in general (Which is where I learned GEN IV and GEN V).

The longest part of Gen III abuse is that it doesn't rely on date/time combination, but time from when you start the game. So, if the spread you want only shows up an hour after re-setting, you have to wait an hour. For attempting to learn RNG on Gen III, I was selecting spreads roughly a minute in. I wanted (and still want) to learn this primarily as a way to get a collection of Ditto's with two or more perfect stats (Yes, I know a perfect Ditto in all states might be ideal), and I was able to find a spread with two perfect stats in roughly a minute of waiting. I have tried different timers (I prefer a Java timer to the Eon timer), but it just seems a little hard to get right. I am always off by about 10 to 20 frames each time. Yes, that was what it was like the first few times trying to hit delays when I was RNGing in Gen IV...

My newest desire to learn Gen III is so that I can level up to 100 on Mt. Battle (Just feels so much quicker, a game cube controller is much more comfortable in my hand, and my two year old likes to watch me play it on the TV). But I will also keep in mind being able to get moves that are now exclusive to Gen III that way.

Thanks again.