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高本 てんし

Near the River


Held Items:

Chapter One:
An Island Smash!

Part Two

Tenshi, instead of peeking over the foliage, closed his eyes. This one wasn't just his intuition; he could /feel/ people nearby, and they had powers as well. He closed his eyes, honing in on the presence of the female in armor, and whispered, "P.K. ... Freeze." As he did so, an icy energy made it's way toward the Samus player, hopefully hitting and freezing her. Either way, Tenshi then leapt out and charged at the girl, throwing a "P.K. Fire!" at her. He directed his attention for a moment to two nearby players. One was blacked out, and the other was nearby. He made a motion toward the other boy, to tell him - without words - that this was a battle of skill, rather than kill. He didn't want the girl to know this quite yet, as she might hold back. He hoped this would remain a one-on-one.

Fixed Float!