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Chapter 1-2: Potions, potions....

"Awakenings. Potions. Antidotes. Full Heals..." Raiso frowned carefully as he looked at the stuff that was in stock at the PokeMart. Fully aware of his hyper Pokemon, but not really taking action, he picked the bottle off the shelf. Potion, it read, restores a 20 point piece of health. Raiso looked at his Pokemon. It was a little one, so it probably had... 22 points. Or more, considering its stamina.

"Hey Rocky! What do you think?" The Larvitar looked up happily.
"Larva! Larva Larva Larva!" It said enthusiastically, jumping up and down. "Larva!"
"I take that as a 'yes, I like it,'" he chuckled. He began to get some more potions- and PokeBalls. He definitely needed those. Four of each seemed like a good number. As he walked, though, he bumped into someone.
"I am so sorry," she said, as one of the potions fell. Raiso scooped it up, smiling. When he did, a bit of his Life Meter showed. He winced. He hoped that she wasn't going to challenge him for some of his Life Energy already. And he didn't want to do that to someone else, either.
"Don't worry about it." He looked at her Pokemon. A Sandshrew. But not just any Sandshrew- a shiny one. Raiso had never seen one before, let alone any shiny, in his entire life. But it probably wasn't that strong- Raiso assumed she was a new trainer.
"So you're one of the fifteen that Rowan chose? Maybe you'll be kind to me," the girl said.
"Yeah, I am one of the fifteen. And there's Rocky, my partner." He pointed to the green Pokemon- who, at the moment, was playing with the girl's Sandshrew. "And why wouldn't I be nice to you? You seem like a nice person, yourself!" He smiled happily, his cheerful side showing. "My name is Raiso, what's yours?"
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