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Items Earned! ★

Shawn Adams

+1 Bunny Hood

Tenshi Takemoto

+1 Pokeball (Torchic - Spouts flamethrower at the opponent, 7 seconds)

You may use your items in your next post or at a later post. There's no expiration date ;)

Ariyanna Marie Soares ★

Augustine Forest

“Pika, pika, pikaaaaa...” An exhausted Ariya entered the forest, finally...after hours of practicing her Pikachu skills, given by the dragon Cammy. Her hands were filled with static, with thunder jolts ready to fire. She followed the riverbank as it lead north. She wanted to know where it headed, as it would determine how long the island was.

All of the sudden, she heard screeches...sounds she wasn't familiar with. Ariya panicked a bit as she continued the path with baby steps instead. Sounds of unfamiliar animals and possibly monsters. With her left hand filled with electricity, Ariya started throwing jolts at every side of her. All of them jumping away from her, and fading from feet away. Immediately one of her jolts hit something...or someone. The startled Ariya stood there numb, as the forest's breeze blew, through the loose green leaves. She used her quick attack skill to climb to the nearest tree, in order to cover herself from danger.

This thing was out to get her, it seemed. The panic inside Ariya was rising, so she quickly headed to the next tree near her, hiding inside the leaves. Taking half of her head, she decided to take at least a quick peek at the outside. “Pikaaaa...” she made a soft sound.

Voices can be heard. She was not alone on the island.

“Someone's here for me. Oh joy!” she whispered to herself “But wait...” she cringed at her thoughts inside her mind. She can't trust anyone just yet. She despises strangers. Afterwards, she decided to cross two other trees, and two to the left, moving farther away from the riverbank she was walking aside on, not realizing she was losing her sense of direction.

The breeze got colder and colder as she jumped from tree to tree. A couple more trees, as a matter of fact. But closer, the sounds she heard before, were closing in. It may be a large island, but she can hear basically everything. She decided to settle on the orange fruit tree, spotting two other...humans? It was some guy in the Mario costume and a Meta Knight mask & costume. He had wings too. As Ariya got closer to the edge of the branch, right above the Mario so she could listen to them talk, she took an orange and started to consume it.

The orange was so juicy, she thought as she peeled it. She tried gathering all her orange peels and placed them inside her jacket pocket, until she can throw them away later. Eavesdropping seemed to be her thing...or at least, Pikachu's thing.

Without noticing, the branch she was sitting on starts to crack quickly, while Ariya enjoyed her first orange on the island. The branch started to fall steep down with Ariya on it, and Ariya shrieked, letting go of her orange. She fell from the high branch, bumping to three branches in front of her. “Ow! Pika! Pikaooooow!”

Thankfully, it was not much of a long fall for her, landing face down right behind the Mario-costumed guy and the Meta Knight man. It was the best for sure that they noticed well as notice that they are not the only ones on the island.


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