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Oda Baldotter
Just as Oda had expected from the young man, Oda's conversation was mercifully brief, which would have left her some more time to ponder, were it not for the silhouette she spotted dockside. As Aerous walked away with all the social grace of a lemur, Oda narrowed her eyes upon the figure and gave a tilt of her head in the direction, as she realized that Xoxaa had yet to board the ship. Or perhaps she already had, and was waiting for Oda while the latter foolishly decided to stand aboard the ship.

It was a situation easily rectified, Oda reasoned, as she hopped off of the edge of the ship and, with a thump, landed on the wooden pier. The Apprentice was shy, she had no doubt of that at this stage, yet curiously so in the woman's presence. She wondered whether there was something about her that was causing the girl distress; there were always some who were intimidated by her military uniform, but Xoxaa was in the Swords, too, so it couldn't have been paranoia over the position as a defender of Sword.

Now that Oda thought about it, Shield would have been a more fitting name for the sector she stood in. A shield was to be used for defense, for parrying, to allow the other hand to strike. While a sword, at most, could clash in defense, an image that brought to mind war more than defending an island. Perhaps there should have been multiple names for parts of the sector, where the regular guards were bucklers, the private military were the swashbucklers to denote both statuses, and the Adepts were daggers in the dark. Because that was their purpose, at least in Sword; to serve as wild cards.

In her pondering, Oda had appeared before Xoxaa and looked over the amber sunset, instead of directly at the girl, to allow her some form of comfort from the older woman's apparently steely gaze. It was a curious thing, for she never truly tried to intimidate, and the fact her aging had ceased all those years ago gave Oda the physical appearance of a woman far older. Perhaps it was her eyes. The one part of the body that seemed to reflect one's soul, and the wisdom therein.

"Are you feeling ill, Xoxaa?" Oda asked softly, as she looked away, in an attempt to drop the tone she used while working. It was what she would use with the maids of the mansion and little else.
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