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Shaymin EX and Celebi EX are the only two EX Pokemon currently released, so not much choice for EX Pokemon there, but those two are really only good as support Pokemon, and shouldn't be his main attackers for his deck. Shaymin is really good if you're behind in a match or near the end of one, though.

Other ones that might help his deck are Mewtwo EX, which, at least in competitive play, is a staple in almost every deck because of its X-Ball attack. Mewtwo EX actually came in a tin that had booster packs inside (this tin retailed for $15), so you could get him Mewtwo EX and a few boosters this way.

A list of all EX Pokemon is here:

The left column lists what English-language sets they're found in for that particular card. Any EX with a promotional version in English can be found in a tin.
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