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Yadda yadda yadda gun control in Europe and Canada yadda yadda yadda gun crime rates a thousand times lower yadda yadda yadda trying to kill someone with a knife is much harder and all those things we people who feel in danger when we are surrounded by guns -not safer in any way- repeat every 4 months when this happens.

It's true that if there is a guy armed around they can deal with the criminal but it's also very true that if a guy with mental problems, who suddenly decides that life sucks and wants to kill someone, has to go through a very complex and expensive illegal process to buy a gun, he's muuuuuch less likely to end up acquiring the gun, and it will take a longer time in which they can make a mistake and be caught or just get over their depression and think twice. If you give them a 100% legal gun the very second they want to kill, chances are someone is going to die.
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