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Ben Foster

By the time Ben had made his way to the dance theatre, there was already a good deal of people pouring in. He shoved his hands casually into his pockets as he slipped into the waiting line, a bit unsatisfied with his own timing. But there was one bright side to waiting in line, it allowed for him to get an actual look at the dance theatre. Ben was vastly impressed and captivated at the exterior of the building. Although it didn't seem too fancy in terms of build or the actual design, there was to him, a certain presence about it. The design was somewhat common, at least from other buildings that served the same purpose that he had seen before but at the same time it also felt different, sacred almost.

Suddenly an inpatient voice brought him back to the present world around him. Already looking ahead, once he regained a little bit of awareness he had realized they was little to no one in front of him now.

"Come on already, move it!" Ben sighed and shook his head at his own incompetence, and before the man who had just called him out could misinterpret his actions he apologized with sincerity.

Ben stepped forward, trying to close the gap between him and the next person in moderate time, as the small line ahead of him was disappearing at quick pace. Once he finally closed the gap, he had found himself at the front of the line. At the door was two Kimono Girls, both in possession of a eeveelution, one a Jolteon and one a Flareon. He smiled at both before being admitted into the theatre. Inside he a found a lone empty seat amongst a group of people nearby. He walked over and squeezed himself into the row, apologizing to people as he grazed or bumped into their legs.
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