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Originally Posted by scprepschool View Post
Plus it would be awesome to have all regions on the ds or dsi before we move on to 3ds or even another system. I dont think gamefreak are huge fans of the 3ds. I remember playing gold and silver and yellow and it seems like they jumped at gameboy advance laun hing along with it ( there was even a special gba crystal version you could get) then the gba sp ( which wasnt really a system change) but they still launched fr lg with it. Then the ds and they shot out pearl and diamond dsi and dsxl hg and ss. Now we have 3ds and they are making 3ds compatible versions. I think thry are trying to honor the fans more these days and dont wanna follow nintendos random new system every year pattern. In hindsight they could look at it as a great owe to the fans to be able to explore t entire. Main story universe on one system ( sinnoh, johto, kanto, unova, and hoenn)
Plus im locked in on the amount of purposeless dialogue and purposeless map tiles that only seem like its preparation for a hoenn revisit
No games before BW were released after a successor handheld came out.

But now its gonna be 2 years by the time the next games could be released. Changeover to 3DS is overdue and going to happen. There is no more games coming for the DS after this month, let alone next summer..
gamefreak had the 3DS devkit in their hands before anyone else too, surely theyve been working on something for the past 2 years with that?

EDIT: Here you go

GB - 1989 April

Red/Green - 1996 February
Blue - 1996 October
Yellow - 1998 September

GBC - 1998 October

Gold Silver - 1999 November
Crystal - 2000 December

GBA - 2001 March

Ruby Sapphire - 2002 November
FireRed LeafGreen - 2004 January
Emerald - 2004 September

DS - 2004 November

Diamond Pearl - 2006 September
Platinum - 2008 September
HeartGold SoulSilver - 2009 September

Black White - 2010 September

3DS - 2011 February

Black2 White2 - 2012 June

They'll do another DS game in late 2013? No.