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Alice Crenshaw
Entei Dorm

Oh. Sweet. Arceus. Another unexpected turn of events for Alice, ladies and gentlemen. As Roxas explained the situacion, Alice put her right hand over her heart, and looked at him with sorry eyes. Jello was sad as well, but didn't want to show it, because as heartbreaking the boy's story was, he still thought he was up to no good. He was about to tell Alice what he thought, but before he could, Alice threw herself at Roxas, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him into a big hug.

"Oh, I-I'm so, so, so sorry!" she exclaimed.

...She probably didn't notice what she was doing. Otherwise she'd have pulled back right away.

Charlie Fitzpatrick
Oak Town Beach House

Charlie came out of the bathroom, looking pale. His hair looked almost the same as usual, only slightly messier. Jaws was there, helping him clean up the mess he had made minutes earlier, while Berta had gone off to do some other chores. The counselor was heading for his bed, ready to get some more rest, when he suddenly stopped. His eyes opened wide. Jaws looked at him puzzled.

"Oh, dammit." he said, then went for his wardrobe.

He took a blue shirt, a black pair of trousers and started to get dressed. But why was he doing that? Wasn't he sick? He was, but apparently there was something more important going on. After he was done with the shirt and pants, he put on some black Italian shoes and headed outside his room.

"Come on, Jaws, let's go."

As he dizzily went down the stairs, Berta spotted him. "Charlie, what do you think you're doing? You're sick!" she said.

"I know." he replied, "But I got a baaad feeling about something. I'll be right back."

He went outside, to the deck, and sent out Moondra. He told Jaws to take care of the house while he was away and then flew off, going towards the Academy. But what could that possibly be?
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