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Quote originally posted by Lilizuki:
@Retro: I'm curious to know what Ari would think of Oda, considering that she's the most senior card-holder in this group of PCs we have.
Ari hasn't had too much contact with Oda even though she's been in the family for six years. She wonders why she hasn't seemed to age at all during those six years and because of that is a bit weary of her. Ari gives Oda the utmost respect but she is a bit too curious about her non-aging. This is to the point where she is willing to spy on everything Oda does by using her resources as Head of Intelligence. She hesitates to be mean/rude to Oda because of her 7+ years of seniority. In short, she'd be the only one to tell Ari (save Nova/Felicita/Libertia/Luca) to "shut up" and she'd actually consider doing such a thing.

Quote originally posted by 雷影 イチロ:
You just gave me the idea to have Camellia try and set up Ari x Marcus, won't hear the end of it now! Hahahahaha
Oh my god, ahaha! I love it but Ari will outwardly hate it.

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