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Xoxaa Illiphia

The High Priestess

The woman approaches her from behind, but stops short of meeting her by her side. Focused on duty, Xoxaa finds herself in her natural conduct.

"There are," the older woman promptly responded, her focus returned to the pursuit and detainment of the thieves. "There will probably be one in the caves, or looking for a plane."

"Caves?" questioned Xoxaa, not entirely sure of what the woman meant, but perhaps she knew more of the geography and history of the island than Xoxaa would know, having lived there for far longer than she has.

Xoxaa paused in thought, knowing that searching blindly for a place that thieves might hide would only buy time for the villains to make a clean escape. It won't be an effective course of action, so an alternative method would be necessary if they intend to apprehend the criminals before it's too late. It then dawns on her, obviously, to consult with those who'll have the best intelligence, knowledge they'll need.

"The guards!" concluded Xoxaa, an evident source of intelligence on the thieves.

Naturally, to extract this kind of information warrants confrontation with the guards themselves. Quickly deducing the consequences of obtaining such elusive data, she reacted quickly before speaking without thinking. There's no way Xoxaa will find herself doing the dirty work of pulling those teeth.

"We might be better off if we ask the guards for information on the thieves. Why don't you ask them and see what they know?" cleverly weaving her words to attain a desired outcome, speaking inquisitively as if her statement was a spontaneous thought rather than carefully plotted out so she could avoid socializing with strangers.
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