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Here's my theory.

So, while perhaps not really related to the lore of the games, a viable possibility is that the E4 were simply prioritized away because they aren't as symbolical and recognized as the gym leaders and champions.
Most Elite four members don't really have a backstory or much interaction outside of the league challenge. They are in many cases, as characters, very forgettable. So since PWT is in a very obvious way pure fan service, if they had to cut some stuff because of lack of memory space and/or time (making the animated sprites, music, and highly strategic teams must be hard work), the least memorable trainer class would probably have had to go. Which very much could be the E4.

It's a shame they didn't make it though. Would've loved to at least see Koga in there, since he could probably just count as a gym leader. But nope. :(

Would it be possible for downloadable content to contain new trainer sprites (and E4 music) in Pokémon games? Don't think it has been done before.
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