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Alice Crenshaw
Entei Dorm

"I'm not apologising, silly!" Alice said.

She was holding the Suicune Dorm boy really tight, and giggled at the fact that she could feel a beating. The beating of his heart. The boy tried to return the hug, and told her to get some rest. Just then the red-haired girl realised what she was doing and quickly pulled back. Her eyes looked away from him, and her cheeks got even more red, even when it didn't seem possible.

"Okay, um, so," she said, "if you insist s-so badly, I-I'll rest."

Maybe I could ask Roxas if he'd like to join me? she thought, then shook her head, and turned around, No! I can't!

"Um, see you later...I...suppose." she said, and walked inside her room. She grabbed her crimson tank top and pants, and went to the small bathroom to put them on. After about two minutes she came out wearing them instead of her usual outfit.
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