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Roxas Jaden Asakura
- Alice's room

Roxas looked at the girl as he saw her blushing and actually found it cute, damnit whats wrong with him! Obilivio must be amused by this, but when Roxas took a glance at the Lucario, he seemed to find it more cute that amusing.

Alice went to the bedroom to change into her pj's, and when she came out, Roxas felt even more embaressed, seeing a girl in pj's like that. She… somehow reminded him of Namine… before she died ofcourse. Roxas stared at her for awhile.

"d-do… you mind if i stay to take care of you…?" Roxas asked her, this time without a blush, this time it was because he worried too much.

Obilivio stood there, wondering what was going on in Roxas's mind, he seemed afraid but happy on the same time.
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