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Upon entering the dance theatre, both Randy and Morty headed near the stage where they could get a good spot before too many people arrived. The inside of the theatre was elaborately decorated in honor of the missing Suicune; beautiful paintings were displayed on the walls and special blue lanterns were hung above the stage. As a special touch, an artist had done a large painted mural of Suicune that served as the stage background for all to see. People could be seen admiring all the artwork as they walked into the theatre. After a while the lighting of the theatre began to dim, signaling the start of the tribute. On stage the blue lanterns lit up with fire, casting an eerie blue light similar to the flames of a Will-O-Wisp attack. The theatre grew a little more quiet as the attention was focused on stage, where the mural of Suicune seemed to shine in the blue lighting.

"I guess this means the tribute is about to start, but I wonder where Eusine could be?" Morty whispered as he looked around. "Hopefully he will make it here in time before he misses the whole ceremony."

The curious whispers of the crowd were met with the sudden arrival of a pokemon and trainer on stage. In what seemed to have been a Teleport, Eusine and his Alakazam had appeared. They both appeared to be in need of some rest, surely Eusine had been working overtime searching for the whereabouts of Suicune. Nonetheless, his voice was calm and reassuring as he addressed the crowd.

"Good evening everyone and welcome to the Ecruteak City Dance Theatre. I apologize for my lateness but please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Eusine," spoke Eusine as he faced the crowd. "I would like to say thank you to all of our supporters for attending as well as the Kimono Girls for allowing the ceremony to be held in their beautiful theatre. After the ceremony, I will be available for discussion concerning Suicune and the wild pokemon. If there are any stories or information you wish to share feel free to come and see me later on. For now, we will begin the tribute with a special performance from the Kimono Girls."

Eusine and Alakazam then walked off the stage, where they joined the rest of the crowd. After a moment, one of the Kimono Girls quietly walked out onto the stage carrying an instrument. It appeared to be Naoko carrying a shamisen. As expected, she was dressed in traditional geisha attire. Without a word she sat down in the middle of the stage and began to play. The beautiful tones coming from the strings of the instrument softly echoed through the room as pink flower petals began to float from the ceiling and down onto the stage. As she played, she was joined by the other Kimono Girls and their respective eeveelutions, including her own Espeon. The girls danced elegantly in perfect unison with each other and their pokemon, their gowns billowing with each step of the beautiful petal dance. Even their pokemon seemed well trained in the art of dance, and displayed unique abilities as they performed. Flareon gave off small flashes of fire with each step, Jolteon sparked with electricity, and Vaporeon released bubbles into the air. Also, the yellow rings of Umbreon glowed while it danced and Espeon's jewel flashed as it surrounded itself with an aura of psychic energy.

"They sure do know how to put on a show. I didn't know that Naoko could play the shamisen so well," thought Randy.

As he watched the performance, his eyes came to rest on Naoko and they briefly made eye contact. Naoko gave a little smile while she continued on with the song without missing a tune. Randy smiled to himself as he watched the flower petals fall down from the ceiling.


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