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Dear Anonymous,

Please promise me that this won't end.
--Nickelback, "Don't Ever Let It End"

When you sent me that song, the first thought that popped in my head was you and I. I mean...that was legitimately our song. xD But I was too scared to say anything. Typical me who tried avoiding any awkward moments.

I'm...very, very, very discreet with my feelings..which is why I took soooo long in replying to you on skype. Like you, I was never good when it comes to words, and in situations like makes me feel so...speechless.

Yeah, it's been what...almost a week now since we started talking? And we've been friends for almost two years. I mean, I value our friendship. I care for our friendship. I love our friendship. We're like two kittens sharing a ball of yarn together. But the move to "more than friends" is such a crucial move. It's very risky, and it could be either the best decision or the worst decision. Learning from past experience myself, part of me wants me to try again and learn from my mistakes, but then...I just can't endure another heartbreak. I can't take this risk of destroying our friendship. I lost a best friend because of this, do I want to lose you too?

I'm very glad we made a goal. A goal to wait. I think it's a decision we can both agree on, and that'll keep our friendship stronger than ever. We're both scared to take this next step, and that's fine. I'm perfectly fine in staying friends. Although I still have feelings for you, I will continue to value our friendship like normal, and your best friend forever, like you are my best friend forever. :3
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