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This was an interesting start. Probably because I'm not used to older characters with Digimon. Are they known as Chosen or DigiDestined or Tamer in your fic? I'm looking forward to more of their back story, like how they were chosen, and why those particular humans. Though maybe I'm still stuck in how the anime does things.

Digivolution is interesting in this. Gone is the need to have a burst of shared energy and putting yourself in danger. I'm looking forward to seeing how these new D-Touches work, and if there's any limits put on them, since it seems like evolution is kind of easy to make happen.

I will say that your writing has really improved between your old Pokemon fics and this. Right now, I will say that the only things I noticed are grammar-related (but I wasn't really looking that deeply). It's mostly how you punctuate dialogue. Like

Xander nodded his head towards the closet, “We kind of already hung them up for you.”
The comma after "closet" should actually be a full stop.

It's just things like this that I noticed. Maybe just a read-through before you post will catch those, since at other lines you know how to punctuate.

Really, that's all I'll say for now until I see more, since this is just getting started.

Also, those Digimon images are adorable and thank you for leading me to another Digimon site.
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