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Quote originally posted by Skymin:
I don't know a lot about homestuck except that i helped kickstart that game and i basically got to the part where... meteors? not very far. ):
asdjaslkdjla ok I get it, I shouldn't say that it's based on Homestuck because everyone who has never read it just flees then instead of giving the RP a chance >.< You don't at all have to have read it, I would take away the crazily strange terminology and just leave the concept of jumping into a game, becoming a superhero and creating a new universe, which is an awesome concept if you ask me.

Quote originally posted by Skymin:
I love the whole online/offline personas of people so I'm trying to create something unique without feeling like I'm just copying SwiftSign's SAO plot ): ): ):
Hmm. Maybe you can do it more like SAO's second season. They aren't stuck in the game there and thus go about their lives in the real world as well. It could be interesting, maybe leading to misunderstandings and whatnot?

Quote originally posted by Skymin:
I can't help having a feeling that he may be drunk.

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