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Serperior is a starter. It wasn't my starter, but I have seen its move pool up into the 30s and think it fairly decent.

Zebstrika (and Blitzle), meanwhile, eventually got boxed. I didn't find it as useful except against Water types as its move pool mostly consists of Normal and Electric attacks and nothing else. It does gain Flame Charge and Pursuit, but I already had Fire covered (it might have been more useful if Snivy was indeed my starter) and Pursuit never gets its double power as opponents changing are extremely rare over the storyline (was there even a single one?). For the few times it would be useful against Psychics, Bug type moves (Leavanny) also did the trick. Also, when I led with Zebstrika, I tended to run into Emolgas way too often (only way to avoid this is have the leader faint, then Zebstrika in the second slot).

Therefore, my vote should be obvious at this point. However, I have been reminded I need to generate Starter Eggs to move into W2 to join my Pignite there!

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