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((I need to go soon so I'll probably do a really Horrible version then come back and fix it.))
"Joshua" CHAPTER I,SECTION I: The Half Innocent Novice
A Chinook hovered above the small little town of Sandgem, the doors on the Chinook the Logo of the former Sinnoh League. Descending the monstrosity of a helicopter made quite an entrance. This Chinook was funded by the money left from Kybolt's Championships.
As it landed a little boy stepped off, waving to it and then started running to the Pokémon Lab. As the colossus of a machine ascended up to the beautiful clear blue sky, it disappeared from view heading to Snowpoint City. The little boy however was the aspiring trainer, Joshua, and hopeful avenger of his rumored-to-be-passed-away brother. He ran into the Pokemon Lab, running for Professor Rowan. His arm had been grabbed by an aide. (Not finished)
Sigma Ultra
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a superhero roleplay
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