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Originally Posted by IceGod64 View Post
Remember what you were saying about people lacking common sense? If people don't have the capacity to figure out that you can swap out graphics, just imagine what else we're going see them posting.

If somebody is foolhardy enough to refuse to use essentials because the base graphics are Gen III, then frankly, I'm glad they aren't here.
I partially agree with you, but remember that a Gyarados once was a Magikarp.

Originally Posted by Maruno View Post
The question is how exactly should it work? At the moment I'm thinking something like the Trainer House from GSC, where you choose a trainer from a list, then move to an area where you battle them. A bit like the Battle Tower, but just the one opponent and no prize. These battles wouldn't provide Exp or EVs.
I agree (at least for now). Another alternative is to put all overworld sprite in a room like Union Room, but I prefer your idea.

I disagree about EXP and EVs (and maybe money). The GSC Trainer House and RSE Secret Bases allow to gain these things and are the best locations for training. I suggest you to, at least, make a setting.
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