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I've come up with an idea for a challenge for a while: The Weather Challenge.

Only Pokemon that has something to do with a certain weather.

Let's say the Stormy Weather Challenge, Only Water or Electric Pokemon can join or Pokemon with the abilities: Drizzle, Rain dish,Storm drain and swift swim.
TM Rain Dance must always be learned to your team members as soon as you get it (In generation 5 all your team members must have Rain Dance since you will always have Rain dance in your bag as soon as you aquire it) Electric Pokemons must be pokemon who can learn Thunder by leveling and must learn it As soon as possible.

And then similair rules to the Sunny weather, Sandy weather and Snowy weather
Castform is the Pokemon that can be used in every of those challenges

This is just a example leave a reply if you like the idea of this challenge.

Gliscor is boss. Period.
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