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Nature: Sassy
Myself: Mei (because to hell with Rosa)
Rival: Hue (again, going with the Japanese name, hahaha)

Samurott: Kensei (means swordsmanship master; I ended up thinking a lot about nicknames in this game I guess. Gotta make all interesting and fitting)
Lucario: Reiki (aura-related shizz)
Aggron: Smasher (because hell yeah Head Smash)
Crobat: Nightwing (probably the weakest name in the bunch. It doesn't even know any dark attacks. Though it's a better name in of itself than AcroBat)
Flygon: Sirocco (because hell yeah desert stuff)
Chandelure: Lumiere (can't use accents in Pokémon games. :( )

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