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The Mansion
I made the jump and ran to the garden, I figured now would be a good time to use the front door. I walked through the hallways of the house fairly bored. My arms felt sore from the wounds, my legs felt sore from the fall and running, and I was pretty tired considering my rude awakening. I can't say that right now, I was in the best of moods, though I couldn't wait to go to the ball, I'd show up that attention hound one way or another! I hadn't eaten at all though, so I decided to go to the kitchen and have some lunch. I hoped that a maid would be there to cook.

When I got to the kitchen, I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the chefs and maids working on food for the ball, though that delight turned into annoyance when I couldn't get one to make me food. My stomach rumbled, and I had no idea how to cook, there was no way I'd get food here, so I decided to head into town, maybe that cafe would give me some coffee now that I saved their money.

"We are still not going to give you coffee. We appreciate the help you gave us, but we are positive that giving you coffee will cause us to lose more money than you saved. Do you understand?"

"Aw, but it is so goood." I whined, I really wanted more, "Can't you just give me a little bit?" It was typical that I'd get the same waitress as last time, with her iron will.

"Would you prefer hot chocolate?" She said with a smile, she was much more cheery than this morning, but still, I wasn't getting my coffee. "I'm sure the boss would more than happy to reward your heroics with a free meal and cocoa!"

I liked free food! "Really! Like really really! That would be so great, I'll take some cocoa and..." The menu had very few lunch meals, but there was one that I always ordered, "And chicken alfredo! With fettuccine pasta!" My mouth watered simply at the thought, it was my favorite food.

"Okay, I'll bring that out very quickly!" She leaned in, and whispered, "By the way, did you know you are in a night gown?" and walked away.

My stomach dropped as I looked down, I had walked all the way over here in nothing but a night dress. I looked around to make sure nobody was looking,and it didn't seem like anyone cared, I was in the clear. I waited patiently with my head down, waiting for the meal.

"Okay, the manager said you can have the free meal, but we have to ask you to leave. He doesn't want indecently dressed children here, it looks bad to the customers." She said it as if it was the most awkward thing she had ever said.

"I am not a little girl! I'll have you know I'm 18." I lowered my voice because people began to stare, "I'm just very small."

"I'm sure you are! But still, you look like a child and for that reason you should leave. I'm sorry!" She probably wasn't sorry but I agreed kindly and rushed out, taking the long ulow populated route back to the mansion to lay in bed.

I still had my food and I was fine with eating in my room, though I couldn't help but feel I shouldn't go to my room, so I walked to the garden and chowed down on my delicious meal. After I finished, and I felt full, I decided that there was no way I could sleep now, but I did want to try on my dress, so I walked through the front door again. I noticed the tramp walking away from the Aerous's bathroom, which struck me as odd. I contemplated whether I should care or not, considering Aerous was a sword. Though eventually I figured the mere act of retrieving information wouldn't neccisarily qualify my interaction with him, so I casually walked in the direction Ari came from.

I can't say that I was surprised to see that his trash can was on fire with clothing fuel, nor could I say I didn't suspect that she had probably taken his clothes while he was in the shower. But as much as I wanted to help, he was in the shower. There was no way I would risk seeing him out of the shower, so I just kind put the fire out and quickly left.
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