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Haven't seen Wonderbolts Academy juuust yet, I heard it was another fantastic RD episode!

Originally Posted by Lateon View Post
Oh my gosh ponies!

Username: Lateon
Favorite Main: Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie is awesome. there is really no other way to describe her. While sometimes she can be very obnoxious, you can tell she cares a lot for her friends.

I started watching this show because one of my friends recommended it to me. Six months later I have t-shirts and tickets to bronycon =) Some say I'm immature, but they haven't watched the show so they don't actually know why.

As for what Pinkie and I have in common, we both appear happy all the time but have a fear of our friends deciding they don't like us anymore.
Welcome, Lateon! I love your current theme! Ponies, ponies, PONIES! :) Great to see that you are a Pinkie Pie fan yourself. She is such a fun character! ^_^

also BRONYCON. <3 My friend went there this year and he said it was an amazing experience! I'm thinking of going next year (which is in Baltimore this time) but ahhh I have something going on during that day. Thankfully it's currently pending.

Should update the list riiiight about now~
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