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Xoxaa Illiphia

The High Priestess

"Of course," replies the woman, agreeing to Xoxaa's suggestion.

The older woman's response and reaction is quick and decisive, seemingly not having even a second thought about what Xoxaa asked. Granted, it was a very logical course of action so it isn't surprising how the woman chose to act. Xoxaa wastes no time, following not too far behind the woman as she recovered intelligence from the guards before turning around to fill her younger ally in on the details of the thieves.

"Come, quickly. The guards have received word of a truck headed towards the airfield; we'll need a vehicle, in short."

"Alright, but where will we find a vehicle appropriate for our use, much less one we can take, or do you-," reciprocates Xoxaa, only for her question to be cut short as the woman found her answer.

"Ignored again," concludes Xoxaa, used to but still frustrated when others seem to either not hear what she said even when she's clearly audible, or, well, she never really figured out why she seems to be invisible, maybe even more invisible than the invisible man she heard of.

Perhaps the woman's response to things is more direct, Xoxaa following her older companion to the site of the woman's focus. She keeps her distance, watching as the woman pulls out a knife and begins to release the vehicle that Xoxaa inquired about. However, Xoxaa's certain the motorcycle isn't hers, and the woman certainly doesn't seem to be the kind of person to justify criminal activity, and yet she's deliberately confiscating someone's property. Xoxaa would never do something such as this, regardless of the situation. Naturally, she feels uncomfortable about what she can predict is about to happen. Her face naturally slumps, a slight frown on her face as she stares at the vehicle the woman released, revving the engine, sure to draw out the vehicle's owner if they're home. A sharp whistle then breaks the string of thoughts Xoxaa mulled over regarding the "borrowing", as she suspects how the woman would justify her actions.

"Get on," advises the older woman, slight urgency in her words as they need to go after the other criminals before they get away with the stolen property, now an ironic circumstance given what the woman had just done.

"Uhm..." hesitates Xoxaa, looking down slightly, approaching the motorbike a midst its loud, roaring engine so that the woman might hear her. "Are you sure we should be doing this? The bike's not ours."

Xoxaa contemplated what the woman's answer might be, but she needed to ask anyway, especially since it seems a bit odd that thieves would be trying to bring other thieves to justice. The woman probably intends to return the vehicle, but it still seems wrong to take something that's not theirs without asking, even if it's to apprehend thieving villains. Given the woman's likely response, Xoxaa prepares herself to hop on the vehicle anyway, delaying in action still as the moral ambiguity of the situation makes her too uneasy to act effortlessly.
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