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Oda Baldotter
From the corner of her eyes, Oda watched Xoxaa's reaction to her words with an uneasy breath; there were those in Sword who would attempt to chastise her for supposedly playing loose with the rules, but her methods had worked over the years regardless of somebody attempting to moralize her. Although she had her doubts that this Apprentice would dare to confront her over something so fundamental, which made her unsure of just how firm she should be in future interactions. Perhaps a conversation at the Ball, like she's originally planned, would shed some light.

And, despite herself, Oda smiles when she sees Xoxaa's face take a sudden turn to determination that had been lacking over the last few minutes of being in each others' presence; though she couldn't put her finger on it, she felt like she'd gotten through to the Apprentice in some small way. Thanks to the mistakes, or rather unfortunate events, that happened to the forebears of her family, she wouldn't have easily been afforded a position in command, even had she wanted one, but there was some satisfaction to be had in working with another person on these matters.

The bike shifted slightly upon Xoxaa's mounting, while Oda occupied herself with making sure everything about the bike's balance was as in-check as it could be. The previous embarking through the wild paths of Regalo Island had been solely herself, so she'd need to keep a careful eye out for any dangers that could harm her passenger who still hadn't found herself a handheld, after Oda was certain that each gear was in check and ready to speed off along the road in pursuit of the foul thieves.

Then, the Apprentice yelled about somebody approaching, and Oda was reminded that being yelled at by a civilian was not in her immediate plans. Yet, Xoxaa's hands supposedly remained floating somewhere in the air around them. "Grab on to my hips, and don't let go." She instructed swiftly, waiting for the young woman to do so before she let the engine roar in triumph at its freedom, as rubber ground against asphalt and they sped down the street, just as somebody's comments slipped from the Adept's earshot.

It was fairly good planning on her part, Oda complimented herself, to have all of the civilians retreat into their homes until the crisis was over, for their escape from the motorcycle's owner would have been far more dangerous, or perhaps even impossible, otherwise. The fact that Xoxaa hadn't known where to place her hands made doubt grow in her mind about the passenger's safety, but societal implications of where one's hands must be placed weren't something particularly on her mind. Those thoughts had been locked in the dark corners of her mind long ago.

As the wind brushed against her cheeks and they came up to the first corner of their pursuit, Oda following the guard's information about the thief's direction to plan the best route for interception, she began to instruct her passenger on how to remain safe on the vehicle. "I need to lean the bike to go around a corner; please don't be afraid of grinding against the road." She informed Xoxaa as quietly as she could without yelling over the growl of the engines.

Though she uttered the occasional apology about her braid potentially hitting Xoxaa across their ride, and further instructions, Oda's mind was focused on the ride. It was one of the most peaceful sensations there was, for her, to be able to move across the beautiful landscape on a vehicle she could feel connected to, where each turn was under the direction of her will, like the keys of a steadfast piano that sung its beautiful tune only for her unblemished fingers.

The thought of a piano motorcycle made the grown woman laugh shortly, before she corrected herself for fear of making Xoxaa think she was thinking mocking thoughts and instead turned it to a comment on the thin path they were just about to cross onto, as a mountain road loomed overheard. "Bumpy ride; make sure not to let go." She told Xoxaa firmly, but there was no time to brake and check if she understood, as the wheels of the motorcycle bounced across the dead shrubbery and worn ground, skidding slightly before their control was regained.

With each rock of the vehicle against the slightest hill in the ground, and the thousands of greens that rocketed past the Adept as she sped through the tropical forest, Oda was reminded that this bike was definitely not for traveling across any terrain but roads. The hydraulics leaped and slammed her form back onto the motorcycle every few meters, making it quite an unpleasant ride for her as an experienced rider, and no doubt more so for the passenger.

The jittery mechanics of the borrowed motorcycle did nothing to dampen her spirits, however, as there was a certain thrill to rocketing through unclaimed grounds with the possibility of a fall or crash soon to come, but prevented by skill alone. Even as she spotted the outcropping of stone that would take them up to the overhead road, with a jump of about ten feet diagonally to make it safely, her fingers tightened around the handle and pulled back sharply in anticipation of freefall.

Moments passed slowly, as the front wheel slid up the base of the slick rock and dug its claws into nature's bones and tore up the ground beneath it with each ounce of power within its engine, followed by the rest of the bike and its two passengers as they hurtled through the air and landed with a particularly troublesome thud against the asphalt that was nonetheless softened by the spinning of the wheels, making sure that neither of the occupants fell off.

It had been a risky maneuver, but Oda's expectations had proven correct, as the airfield was just beside them. With another roar of the engines, Oda spotted a stolen RV coming towards them suddenly turn towards the chainlink fence that surrounded Regalo's airfield, sending the clattering fence to the side with sheer bulk and speed. The bike shot forward with unwarranted speed, with fear evident in the Adept's eyes for what the thief could do if that vehicle collided with one of the stored airplanes.

"Can you do anything to halt it?" Oda asked her passenger, with the memory that Xoxaa was also a member of the Famiglia, and that she possessed an arcana card too. The ride would be smooth across the wide-open strip of asphalt, and the motorcycle would almost certainly catch up with the RV before either were forced to come to a sudden stop.
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