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My theory is that the girl is either a nightmare/illusion created by Darkrai or a girl killed there, once again by Darkrai. Notice how the girl disappears when you pick up the Lunar wing? The Lunar Wing's power dispels the nightmares, so that the girl vanishes.
I've never found the haunted houses in the games scary- except for this one which unnerved me a little. It's something to do with the silence interspersed with many faint sounds, and the morbid atmosphere. Mysteriously shifting furniture is cliche'd, but surprisingly effective given the sudden change when entering a room.
Quite a bit better than the Old Chateau- 'haunted Gothic mansion' is far too overdone. This has so many loose ends in its story that it provokes thought on it- and lots of ragequitting when I find myself stuck, reset for the Xth time and find that the path is on the other side of the house, which meant a LOT of time (15 minutes) wasted...
All in all, a very good locale, mysterious without seeming too out of place/ arbitrary.
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