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ミハラ Ariel

Ariel's Treecko found itself watching its trainer lounge under the sun like a cat, her legs dangling over the small ledge on the route. They've spent quite sometime walking, encountering a couple of Pokemon on the way, but so far Treecko only had one battle, the one with the Poochyena. Now its trainer is resting, her Fedora covering her face to block out the afternoon rays. From her even breathing though, her rest became a nap.

All of a sudden, a sharp noise attracted Treecko's attention to the treeline. A disheveled boy appeared out of the treeline; sticks, leaves and berry juice covered his clothes. Upon seeing the road, he let out a whoop of joy and grinned, which turned sinister upon sighting the sleeping form of Ariel.

Treecko watched from its perch on the nearby tree as the suspicious boy approached its trainer. When his hands reached out, Treecko would have leapt down to protect Ariel. From their short time together, it deduced that she's air-headed at times, and if the other trainer is doing what it thinks it is doing, then she would be helpless against him. As it was about to jump down, movement from down below stopped it.

The boy grinned, finding easy prey for his slippery fingers, but as he was about to take the bag resting on the chest of his victim, the sleeping form's arm lashed out like a snake and painfully gripped his arm.

"Nani sundayo, Gaki?[3]" Ariel said as she stood up. She fixed her fedora with one hand, the other still holding on to the boy. The heated glare Ariel is directing at the boy is making him nervous, however. It doesn't help that she has his hand in a painful lock. "Give me a good reason why I shouldn't break your hand for trying to steal from me."

"Ahahaha~" The boy laughed in spite of the threat, but the panic is certainly there. His free arm flailed like a worm on a hook as his eyes searched frantically for an excuse. It was when Ariel was about to dislocate the boy's hand that he found his salvation. Treecko. "You're a trainer, right?"

Ariel shifted cautiously, looking at Treecko before coming back to the kid. "Yeah, what about it?"

"I challenge you to a battle!" He said triumphantly as he pointed at her, looking like a smug tax collector about to levy tax from helpless peasants. His expression changed to a pained one as the petite girl exerted pressure on her hold. "Ah- Ouch! W-wait! League rules state that no challenges can be turned down under normal circumstances!"

"This isn't exactly a a normal circumstance, now is it?" She grinned ferally, then an idea came to her. "Tell you what, I'm feeling uncharacteristically generous right now. I'll battle you, plus I won't report you to the league."

The boy's face actually lit up at that declaration, but Ariel isn't done.

"However, let's make the battle much more interesting. Let's wager."

"But it's standard practice to pay when you lose. Even criminals do it."

"Oh I know, I know." She waved "But I didn't exactly say I won't do anything to you or report you to the police, did I? I can, and will, let's say... Break your hand for example?"

When she said that, she added little more force on the grip. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Says the boy who tried to steal from an innocent, sleeping girl." The girl grinned, releasing his hand. "Also, I'll say it's self-defense when I snapped your hand in half."

"You're not that innocent, you sadistic..." Murmured the boy, but Ariel caught it. "Fine, let's get on with it!"

"I'm not." She countered, "But Ariel is."

"Go, Torkoal!" The boy threw a Pokeball, sending out an orange turtle with black volcanic rock acting as its shell. As it cried out its species' name, soot erupted from the holes in its shell.

"Treecko, let's run circles around that turtle." The green Pokemon nodded and jumped. Deciding to show off its dexterity to its new master, it summersulted in the air once before landing gracefully, its arms crossed as if this battle wasn't worth the trouble.

"So," The boy said, focusing on the two Pokemon. "What's in it for the winner?"

"If you win, you get away scot-free a few hundreds richer. If I win, I get you to do one thing for me, plus normal battle rewards." When the boy was about to protest, she simply reminded him that he tried to do something illegal. "Can we fight now?

The boy gritted his teeth before issuing an order. "Burn that reptile with Ember!"

'Aren't turtles amphibious reptiles?' The girl mused to herself before giving her own orders. "Move and use Leer."

Treecko dodged the barrage of embers before glaring at Torkoal. Besides looking slightly unnerved, the turtle showed no outward signs of distraction.

"Don't let up! More Ember!"

"Move back, then Pound it."

Ariel's Treecko stepped back enough to dodge the Ember, but as Torkoal was about to make a sweep, the green Pokemon jumped high and smashed the turtle with its Pound-enhanced tail. It didn't seem to faze its opponent though, in fact it doesn't look like it did anything at all.

"Haha! Are you stupid?" The boy said. "My Torkoal has high defense, plus being a Rock-type it doesn't take much damage from Normal-type attacks."

'That's right... play into my trap.' Ariel thought while adjusting her cap.

"Use Smog!" Since Treecko was close to its opponent, it wasn't able to avoid the Poison attack it released. A lungful later, Treecko stumbled out of the poison cloud and nearly collapsed into the dirt.

'Ugh... forgot that one.' The boy could almost see Ariel cringe under her hat. This only fanned his ego, pressing his attack.

"Finish it off with Ember!"

"Roll to your left."

"Don't let it get away!"

Treecko did as it was told, sticking to the ground and rolling. It was unneeded though as the Ember moved to the opposite direction, but it was scraped by the attack.

"Your other left!"


Treecko recovered from the Smog, jumping up and charging its opponent. With a powerful punch, the turtle Pokemon was sent reeling from the direct blow to its head.

"Use Headbut!"

"Keep on Pounding. Left Hook, Right Straight, Right Hook, Left Uppercut." Ariel guided her Pokemon through the attack, both arms glowing with energy. Each attack is directed at the turtle's head, where its type and stat advantage didn't help it any.

Quickly, the Pokemon battle devolved into a boxing match with Treecko looking like a boxer. For every strike, the Torkoal is forced to take a step back, inching ever so closer to the ledge Ariel was sleeping on a while ago.

"Now, a Pounding Haymaker!" One last punch sent the Torkoal tumbling down the ledge. When it finally landed, it stayed motionless. Probably knocked out.

"... You win." The boy resigned as he returned his Pokemon. He turned to Ariel to await his punishment.

Ariel smiled, a genuine one, then hoisted Treecko to her shoulder. "That was great Treecko. You look like you've been doing this for a long time."

The girl then approached the boy, taking her winnings before voicing out her request.

"I want you to close your eyes for a few seconds. Don't move."

"Wait, you're not going to rob me, are you?" The boy looked incredulous at that.

"I don't do petty theft. Now, close your eyes before I do it for you."

"Hah..." Sighed the boy. "I already know where this is going."

"Are you sure?" Ariel winked and posed with her finger close to her pouted lips, an imaginary heart floating away from the boy's vision.

Eagerly, he closed his eyes. He began counting to five.

"Here I go..." whispered Ariel. Then suddenly, he felt soft flesh-

"... Do you think I overdid it?" The girl asked Treecko. It shook its head, before pointing to a man watching from the sidelines.

Ariel left the boy on the ground, motionless like a puppet with rusted joints.

"That was a nasty punch missy. What's your name?" Asked the man.

"Kyouko." Replied the girl, bringing out a potion for Treecko. "Mihara Kyouko."
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