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My second update on my Emerald Blaziken/Beautifly challenge:

- Battled my old friend Wally, the poor guy didn't stand a chance against Doom Bug.
- Killed Wattson's team (Voltorb, Electrike, Magneton and Manectric) using only Chicky.
- Caught a Torkoal for Strength and named him Thing.
- Drove the Magma's out of Meteor Falls.
- Battled Maxie, when I was fighting against his Mightyena with Doom Bug, he send out Camerupt, I killed Camerupt with Doom Bug, then defeated Zubat with Chicky and then crushed Mightyena with Doom Bug.
- Got an Egg in Lavaridge.
- Chicky evolved into the great Blaziken.
- Defeated Flannery's Numel and Slugma with Doom Bug, then defeated Camerupt and Torkoal with Chicky.
- Went in Mirage Tower to get the Claw Fossil.
- Defeated Norman's Spinda, Vigoroth and Linoone with Doom Bug, then crushed Slaking with Chicky.

I'm here at the moment.
I also defeated all trainers I could defeat at the moment.


Chicky (female sassy Blaziken) lv. 38
Stats: 116/108/61/98/70/64
Moveset: Rock Tomb/Dig/Double Kick/Blaze Kick

Doom Bug (male hasty Beautifly) lv. 38
Stats: 106/70/50/77/57/67
Moveset: Silver Wind/Mega Drain/Giga Drain/Gust

HM slaves:

Enslaved! (female adamant Zigzagoon) lv. 3
Stats: 15/6/8/6/7/9
Moveset: Tackle/Surf/Cut/Rock Smash

Wally (male bold Ralts) lv. 4
Stats: 17/6/8/9/8/9
Moveset: Growl/Flash

Thing (male relaxed Torkoal) lv. 16
Stats: 49/36/55/35/27/13
Moveset: Ember/Smog/Curse/Strength


Egg from Lavaridge.
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