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Saw it yesterday.

  • Martin Freeman was great and every scene with him in it was a good scene.
  • It was never boring, which is a great thing. Sure it may have had its faster and slower parts, but I never felt like I was waiting for something to happen.
  • The special effects didn't seem as good as the ones in LotR. I saw this in 2D and have no idea if it was 24, 48 or whatever that stuff you were all talking about.
  • Makeup, especially hair, was amazing to look at.
  • I liked that there was some fun built in it and not just random comedic moments that feel out of place like they do in LotR. I feel like del Toro's hand is in that somewhere.
  • I didn't especially like the parts where they were trying overly hard to tie the movie into LotR, especially during the Council of Reprised Roles scene. (I mean, I like Hugo Weaving, Cate Blanchett, and Christopher Lee, but they didn't need to be in this movie.)
  • I laughed every time "Sexy the Dwarf" was on screen. You'll know which one I'm talking about when you see the movie. But you know, sure, why not have hot dwarfs? After all, the Lord of the Rings was practically cast entirely by models anyway.
Not an especially great movie. Won't be seeing it again for a long time, but I saw it at a matinee for $7 and I've paid more for worse.
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