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Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
Alright. I think its obvious there won't be remakes and that something new is coming next year.

for any remaining believers, your wishul thinking comes to and end this very moment,
This thread can finally be put to rest for a few years again.

I bring you here, official word that destroys the need for this topic.

TPCi answered a handful of questions chosen by fans.
One of the questions was
"How will main pokemon games feel on the 3DS? In other words, what can we expect the 3DS to change? Will it be a new generation or remakes?"

"We are not allowed to give a full answer. We are working on something for the 3DS. It will make use of the 3D features. It will be a new game, not a remake."

Ba dum tssssssssss
I'm not sure this makes the point you think it does LOL