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I'm back with my SU! I think I added enough action. If not, I'll fix that!
Name: Brian Weathersfield
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Nationality: London, England
Character: Pichu
Differences: Brian is a small person, about 5'2". He has black hair, and is somewhere between tanned and pale. He has freckles, many of which arecovered by the pink spots he painted on his cheeks for his cosplay. He wears a headband which have Pichu ears attached to them, and pale yellow pants with a Pichu tail attached to them. He also wears a pale yellow shirt, with those marks that Pichu has on its neck. He wears mittens on his hands to give the illusion of Pichu's hands. For his shoes, he wears yellow converse with a bit of black on them. He also painted a small amount of black paint on the tip of his nose. Brian likes the green alternate look of Pichu, so he uses accesories from that look. He has a green bandanna tied around his neck, and a green backpack.
Roleplay Sample: "Unnhhh.... My head," Brian says as he wakes up on the beach, "Say, where am I? This doesn't look like London." He then stands up, and looks around for a while. "Well, it appears I'm on a beach, and that my costume is intact. Strange... So, I just need to wait for a ship to come by so I can get the driver to take me home." Brian then sits down on a nearby rock, and waits. He sits there for about an hour, playing with his thumbs, and says, "Oh forget this, I'm gonna find something to eat." He then gets up and heads for a tree. He attempts to get an apple to fall from a tree. He then realizes he has an apple in his bag, and he gets it out, gobbling it down inseconds. Cammy appears and walks up to him. "Oh my goodness, I must be dreaming. A white dragon, in real life? Maybe I stayed up too late last night and soon I'm going to wake up back at NintendoFest in London. Yeah, that's right." He pinches himself to see if he was dreaming or not. He realized with shock that this was no dream, he was actually with a white dragon on a remote island where he had just woken up, still in his costume.
"This is not a dream, it is real. I am Camelia, but you can call me Cammy." Cammy says while walking up to Brian. Brian is shocked that the dragon can talk. Than again, she was walking on two legs.
"Okay then. What am I doing here then?" asks Brian, backing away slowly. He didn't feel exactly safe around Cammy.
"You were brought here by one of my brother's minions, and now you are stuck here for a while. Luckily, my brother's minion lost you. You will not make it by just being you, you need some means of survival. I am going to give you the powers of Pichu, the character who you are imitating," Cammy says to Brian, approaching him, "My brother also wishes to destroy the universe, and I hope that you will help me defeat him." Brian is in total shock of all this, and sits down, crossing his legs, showing his annoyance.
"Hooray! I'm stuck on a remote island, with a an insane dragon who wants to destroy the universe, and I am going to fight him?!" Brian says in an sarcastic tone. He says this, but is thinking WHAT THE HECK?! I'M GONNA DIE HERE!
"Yes," Cammy says with an amused tone in her voice. She then touches Brians forehead, and Brian feels... Different, in some way. He blinks, and Cammy disappears.
"Whoa. That was... Interesting. So, when she said something about powers, did she mean it? Let's see, if I have the powers of a Pichu, then I can use Thunder. Let's try..." Brian says, trying to get it to work. He tried every pose he could think of, upside down, on his stomach, up a tree, and lastly, a chouching position. He gets it to work in this pose, and a thunderbolt comes down from the sky right towards him, and it hits him. But for some reason it doesn't hurt. "Wow! I have the powers of Pichu! Awesome!" Brian says, "Now to find shelter and food..." Brian says, running toward the center of the island with a large grin on his face, ready to take on anything thrown at him.
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