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ophie-normal types
quote: Welcome, trainer! Meet the incredibly cute wrath of normal types!
Delcatty lv 50
Wigglytuff lv 53
Stoutland lv 54
Ursaring lv 57
Blissey lv 58
Ditto lv 60
Isabelle-water types
quote: Nice job so far! But can you beat me
Gyarados lv 60
Milotic lv 61
Carracosta lv 64
Lapras lv 66
Jellicent lv 66
Feraligator lv 67
quote:I have the power of steel!
Aggron lv 67
Scizor lv 67
Skarmory lv 68
Lucario lv 69
Empoleon lv 69
metagross lv 70
quote: If you think you can beat me, you`re quite stupid.
Wobbuffet lv 70
Solrock lv 70
Lunatone lv 73
Beheeyem lv 74
Reuniclus lv 76
Bronzong lv 79
Champion Estella-mixed
quote:You have come this far. Now to prove yourself!
Bellossom lv 82
Manectric lv 82
Mienshao lv 85
Swampert lv 86
Umbreon lv 88
Typhlosion lv 90
These are my elite four
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