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Let me try.

Normal-Kangaskahn. I used one once. It destroyed everything with outrage, crunch, earthquake, and the such.
Grass-Ludicolo. As much as a stereotype as it is, I love it. Probably in my top ten with a good movepool and typing.
Water-Lanturn. Same case with Ludicolo. Though it is probably the best Pokemon to use in rain (STAB never missing Thunder, plus powered up STAB water moves)
Fire-Magmar. Not only my favourite fire type, but my favourite Pokemon. Balanced stats, great movepool, and let's not forget the Butthead.
Electric-Magneton/Magnezone. I love them both. Are resistant to many types, with the addition to Magnet Rise.
Flying-Crobat. Very fast, very powerful. Can wipe out whole teams when not prepared.
Bug-Pinsir. Same case with Crobat, except not as fast.
Rock-Shuckle. DAT DEFENSE.
Ground-Flygon Family. Part of the first team I used in Ruby, and loved it immensely.
Steel-Steelix. Like Shuckle, but can actually fight well too.
Ice-Articuno. My favourite legendary. The first I raised to lvl 100.
Poison-Drapion. Wiped my friend's entire team out with this guy and his cross poison.
Psychic-Sigilyph. Really weird... And I love it.
Fighting-Conkeldurr. Wiped everyone out on my first Black playthrough.
Ghost-Spiritomb. I WANT AN EVOLUTION!!!
Dark-Honchkrow. He always struck me as a Mafia leader, and I love him for that.
Dragon-Hydreigon. Looks awesome. Powerhouse. And is overall amazing.

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