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The way they asked the question means that they could give a response that doesn't necessarily give much insight either; about all we know is that a new 3DS game is in development(as if it wasn't obvious enough) but we pretty much still don't know crap about it.

Originally Posted by MiTjA View Post
"It will be a new game, not a remake."

Someone with awesome french skills correct my translation if its not precise please, but said like this,
It will not be a remake, but a new game.

It implies, that they are talking about the game that could be a remake, in other words the next main game, which is what was specifically asked about anyway.
That doesn't mean a thing really other than that it will be a new game and it isn't a remake. I'm not even going to imply that they even could be remakes here; What I'm saying is that there are different meanings you could get out of reading something that vague at this point. New game + no remakes in the what response, with how they asked the question does not automatically imply that the answer was directly to the main games. If anything, it could have simply been their ticket to giving a response without 'spilling the beans' on much(like we didn't know a 3DS game was in development...XD) or maybe it is a main game, who the heck can know right now what they mean by this; Just look forward to hearing info on the next Pokemon 3DS game.

Now look who's grasping at a straw somewhat, haha.

Wow it's been some time since I've been adding into the discussion here.
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