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Quote originally posted by Pinkie-Dawn:
I'm pretty borderlined with Marijuana's legalization. On one hand, it'll help our revenue cost, especially on California's economy, and provide medical use. On the other hand, in an episode of South Park, a law was passed to legalize Marijauna, but it was limited to only cancer patients, which caused its citizens to get themselves cancer in order to get their hands on the marijuana. It was then concluded that KFC was keeping people from getting cancer, as it was closed to be a marijuana shop due to a law that passed to bans food with high trans-fat, so both laws were repealed. An episode of Family Guy also showed what happens when marijuana was legal: everyone was doing absolutely nothing, thus companies are losing money due to their workers not doing their job. According to my health book, Health: The Basics, the effects of overuse of marijuana may cause testicular cancer, anxeity, depression, suicidal ideation, schizophrenia, suppression of the immune system, blood pressure changes, and impaired memory function.
You do realize South Park and Family Guy are just comedy/satire TV shows, right?
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