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I'm glad there's another BETA, i'm interested to see how much better this already great hack can get.

First off, I'm a little afraid of some of the abilities some pokemon now have.

Originally Posted by Suicune™ View Post
There was a list originally but it must have been removed;
Heracross now has the second ability Pure Power
Magnemite & Magneton now has the second ability Levitate
Slaking now has the second ability Pure Power
Tauros now has the abilities Pure Power and Speed Boost
Dodrio now has the ability Wonder Guard (subject to change if necessary)
Milotic now has the ability Drizzle
Houndoom now has the ability Drought
These are the main ones I think can be scary. Slaking with Pure Power is extremely terrifying; Norman will be almost impossible without overleveling. Tauros & Heracross are right behind it in terms of being completely overpowered. The others are mainly just exceedingly powerful.

I'll just make some personal suggestions. Not saying you have to follow them, but I figure I might as well say what I'd think would be cool to have in the game:

Give Ancientpower the treatment you gave Silver Wind; I realize that Rock Slide exists, and Bugs don't have the luxury of having too many good moves. But still... you could give it 15 pp, or 65-70 power.

Make the move Bounce more accurate or give it more pp; as is it's nearly unusable. 100 accuracy with 5-10 pp, or 90 accuracy with 10-15 would be nice.

This is more irrelevant but make Twineedle a base 35-45 move; only Beedrill knows it, but it gives it a good boost.

Make the fossil pokemon evolve sooner. It's a pain to have to get them all to 40 and not be all that amazing. Make them evolve at 25 or 30.

Shedinja- It could be just my rom, but Sheinja still has just 1 HP. IMO, If you wanna make it usable, you'll need to either give it some HP, or leave the HP as is and focus on it's speed, Attack, and Special Attack stats, abandoning it's Defense and Special Defense entirely. A better moveset would help as well

Maybe add better items in random locations. I understand giving items to gym leaders when you have no access to them makes the game way harder; but I think giving us a few of the better items as the game goes on would be interesting; finding something awesome like Leftovers in a Dive area, or in Victory Road would be awesome.
(You could put more of the move tutor moves you'd only get in the Battle Frontier in random places; Body Slam, Swords Dance, Rock Slide, elemental punches, etc. aren't so powerful that it would be unfair to place them somewhere before you beat the Elite Four)

And I know I said a lot, but again, this hack is awesome
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